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Reptile Rumble (King K. Rool vs Bowser) by horrorkid90
Reptile Rumble (King K. Rool vs Bowser)
Did this in custom photo paint in super smash bros. for wii u, I think if there's one nintendo character who's long over due to being put on the smash roster it's King K. Rool, hopefully he'll be future dlc for the game sometime next year.


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Tyler Rivera
United States
Favourite genre of music: Anything except rap and hip hop
Favourite style of art: realistic, cartooning, and photography
Favourite cartoon character: Dark Wing Duck
Personal Quote: god
You know what really irks me? stereotyping, it's just stupid, just because someone likes dark and scary things or heavy metal does not make them gothic or emo(I hate that word the most) or just because someone knows something a lot better than most people do does not make them a nerd or geek(just as long as they're not snooty about it. And just because someone likes and plays sports does not make him a jock, oh, you see a black or spanish guy in a tough looking neighborhood, does that mean he's going to rape or kill you? NO. This is one of the reasons why I hate people, they have nothing better to do than to make themselves seem cool or superior to others. For god's sake, a human is a fucking human, stereotyping them with labels is like calling them an animal, which is like calling yourself one basically, who cares how they look like. What really pisses me off too is when so called "normal kids" make fun of people with handicaps or disabilities, how would they like it if they were like that? fucking assholes. And most of the time they use these labels without actually knowing the real meaning of them. I'm not saying all people are like that but the majority is sadly overwhelming, I get pissed off and have to hold my tongue when some of my friend stereotype others or say racist comments under their breath, it's not even funny. For me, I see everyone as equal, no matter what their race, ethnicity, or medical conditions are, everyone should be treated as nice people. It's a different story if they're acting like complete assholes but other than that, it's just dumb. If most people really are racist and stereotypical by nature then we humans really are the worst species to ever exist. I'm glad to be one of the few who are'nt like that though, as one of my favorite wwe pro. wrestlers once said, "I don't stereotype people based on a certain group, I only stereotype them for how they are as a person", which I agree with. I'm just sick of having to put up with this kind of bullshit each and every day and I'm sure some of you do too. Even if it's considered not a big deal to some of you, I still find it very unnecessary.
  • Mood: Irritated

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